Ladies and gentlemen,

We would like to offer you Bolek Polivka’s farm as another outstanding place where we organize educational trainings, courses, seminars and other events according to your wishes.

Delicious cuisine, drinks and some of our cultural or sport programmes are inseparable parts of the events.

Here is an example of two-day event for companies and other groups:

  • arrival in afternoon hours – accommodation
  • decoration of all visitors with honorary cockade in front of the entrance to the restaurant
  • welcome by the owner – Bolek Polivka with a toast of „ Bolkovice“
  • walk round the farm accompanied by the owner
  • beginning of an educational event (refreshment: coffee, tea, Cappy, mineral water, snack – 4 types, wedding cakes, apple pie)
  • dinner with cembalo or country music – we can offer for ex. venison, home-made pig- sticking, roast ducks, geese, etc. We can adapt menu according to your demands.
  • after dinner in accordance with your interests:
    • ride in a horse-drawn carriage
    • sitting by the fire (roast pork leg, horseradish, mustard, gherkins, beer)
    • short course of horse riding in a riding hall (6 calm riding horses on which everybody can try what is the view like from a horseback)
  • breakfast in morning and possibly continuing in the training/ seminar
  • lunch and departure in afternoon hours

Every event is possible to combine with some of following:

  • course of social manners, business protocol and training of business proceeding
  • show of knightly joust on horses (Equi Hanuš)
  • extracts of drama (Jiří Pecha)
  • performance of strong men (Železný Zekon + Barin a Fretti)
  • alchemist lecture with lots of absurd properties, supported with symphonic music (disciple of Bolek Polivka - Zdeněk Korčián)
  • walk round the village Olšany with guide
  • test drives of BMW cars (Renocar)
  • mobile casino ( roulette, Black Jack, Baccarat, dice)
  • singer, moderator, voice imitator Martin Směřička
  • performance of a jazz band
  • Polívkoviny: Bolek Polívka invites two or three his friends and they play the whole programme live


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