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Travel agency
Školení v ráji

We engage in arranging and organizing trainings, courses, seminars and other educational events in which outdoor, reconditional and adrenalin features take part. All of our activities can be used as a nice anniversary, birthday, name day, graduation and other present. For companies, travel agencies and smaller groups of friends or families with children, we provide:

Pijící jezdec a kůň

Slovak Paradise

Slovak paradise is an area of National Park which is situated in the eastern part of Slovakia. It is distinct especially with its unspoilt countryside and admirable sceneries. In this really paradisiacal surrounding with gorges and waterfalls you can relax and be in harmony with nature. All of this in combination with your chosen programme and maximum comfort of cosy mountain hotel with select gastronomy.

Bolek Polívka

Bolek Polivka’s farm

The farm is situated about 30 km away from Brno in beautiful surrounding of Drahanská vrchovina ( Drahan mountains ) in small Moravian village Olšany near Rousínov. Master Bolek polívka in - person will welcome you and show you around the farm. Good meals, drinks and some of our outdoor, teambuilding, cultural, sport or other programmes will be internal parts of your stay.

Bitva u Slavkova

Battle of three Emperors in Austerlitz

We will show you the places where one of the most famous and cruelest battles took place in December 2, 1805, known today as Battle of three emperors in Austerlitz. French troops, commanded by Emperor Napoleon I, decisively defeated armies of Austrian Emperor Francis I and Russian Tsar Alexander I after nearly nine hours of difficult fighting in many sectors. Napoleon’s guard will shoot off salvo only for you. You will be decorated with a medal and you will see the battlefield including small demonstration of the battle. You will see over the Castle in Austerlitz and look through the balcony as Emperor Bonaparte did while having his speech of thanks to his soldiers. We can arrange a visit of the castle and the programme described above also in evening hours with contemporary lightning (fires, pine torches…).

Dovolená v zimě

Winter holiday

We will arrange winter holiday for you with skiing, snowboarding, cross-country skiing, skating, riding in a dog train, hiking with snow-shoes, riding in snow scooters, riding in a horse-drawn sleigh, skiering with horse or finish sauna and massages for example.

Romantická večeře

Romantic dinner

Congenial ambiance, magic atmosphere, candle light. Archives wine on the table and cook at distance preparing dinner only for you. Red gleaming just cooked lobster, fresh oysters flavored with delicious lemon sauce. Compelling melody softly makes up romantic evening. Magic of the moment doesn't finish. Apartment is ready and the dream goes on ...

Kurz jízdy na koni

Course of horse riding

We will teach you basics of horse riding in beautiful surrounding of Bolek Polivka's farm. It will take three days – intensive course with complete arrangements.

Rychlokurz golfu

Intensive course of golf

Do you want to learn basics of golf, how to hold a golf club properly, how to hit a ball in different types of terrain? Three-day (weekend) intensive course in golf grounds near the Castle in Austerlitz (Slavkov).

Do you want to spend unforgettable moments in unspoilt countryside?

Are you eager to try what is the view like from a horseback?

Do you wish you would feel like explorers of North Pole?

Or do you prefer exact hit of golf club?

Do you dream of romantic dinner for two with lobster, oysters and delicious wine?

Are you searching for something unique, unrepeatable?

Do you need inspiration for preparing educational training or party for your employees or partners?

Do not hesitate then. We are looking forward to you!

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