Dear Sir or Madam,

We are very pleased to invite you to take part in one of our training programmes. We organise courses, trainings, seminars and other educational actions for companies, travel agencies and for smaller groups of friends or families with children. Most of our activities take four days (a long weekend) and possibly longer ones - to be mutually agreed. We can arrange them according to your personal needs and requirements. Each of the programmes take place in wonderful and unspoilt countryside of the Slovenský ráj (Slovak paradise), which is a national park and protected area. We focus on stress reduction. We seek to help our visitors to unwind from the stress of modern life.

It is possible to adapt and combine each of the programmes according to your wishes.

Outdoor, reconditional and teambuilding activities can support your educational actions. Examples of programmes no. 1 to 5 give a solution for a natural, simple and enjoyable method of stress reduction and show one of ways how to manage long term high job performance. Other supplementary activity is programme no. 6 – Training of business proceeding, managerial acquirements and business protocol for everyone who want to cope with situations when dealing with your partners, customers and subordinates.

At the end of the stay every participant gets a CD with photos as a keepsake.