Školení v ráji

kurz jízdy na koni

Course of horse riding

Three-day intensive course of horse riding in pictorial surrounding of Bolek Polivka's farm under guidance of qualified trainer with wide experience.

You will learn basics of horse riding. You will start in indoor riding hall on a lounge, you will learn how to use aids on a horse, how to handle him and you will stabilize your body position.

Then you can start longer tours into surrounding countryside accompanied by the trainer.

You will learn how to clean the horse and how to put saddle and bridle on him.

You will acquaint with safety principles when working with horses and we will help you understand their behavior in typical situations.

In evening after your training, we will answer your questions and perfect your knowledge about horses using also video extracts from competitions and trainings.

Accommodation is provided in luxurious apartments of Hotel "U Krále" and boarding in restaurant "U Klauna", which are parts of the complex of Bolek Polivka's farm.

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