Školení v ráji

Kurz golfu

Intensive course
of golf

Three-day intensive course of golf under guidance of experienced instructor in beautiful golf course close to the Castle in Austerlitz.

18-hole golf course of links type is waiting for you. Its difficulty and interestingness are increased not only by natural obstacles and banks but also artificially built water pools. Also high-quality training areas, which are probably best in our country, are part of the course.

You will learn basics of golf: how to hold golf clubs, how to shoot off in different types of terrain. You will familiarize with basic rules and terminology.

Do you want to live up to English gentlemen? Do not hesitate then and enter enigmatic world of golf.

Accommodation and boarding are arranged in site of golf club, in luxurious Hotel Golf and facing restaurant.

If you have taste for romanticism after demanding training, a visit of the Castle in Austerlitz can be arranged for you.

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