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Children gen day

Children gen day

We will organize a children gen day full of competitions, games, performances and other entertainment. Everything can take place at your chosen place or, for example, on Bolek Polivka’s farm. We offer few different motives and styles of children gen day.

One of the variant is Indian village from Wild West. Children will compete in disciplines like throwing a rope on a wooden horse, throwing tomahawks, shooting from bows, etc.

Or you can carry yourself into middle ages, period of knights. Children will try shooting from period arms.

In another variant of the event, everybody will experience, how it to fight in the Battle of three emperors in Austerlitz was. The aim will be to make the gunpowder storehouse explode (throwing at target), moving and shooting from cannon, transfer of the wounded and navigating the blinded soldier.

In all of our children gen days, we have horses to carry children on horseback or in carriages.

All of this can be combined or supplemented by other games, competitions or for example making beads.

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