Školení v ráji

Slavkovský zámek

Austerlitz - Battle of
three Emperors

We will arrange training or other event for your company, we offer an interesting programme of excursion for your travel agency.

The place you haven't been to yet. Surrounded by beautiful nature, the place where the history of Europe was written in 1805. Famous Battle of three Emperors in Austerlitz (Slavkov) took place here and final peace agreement was signed in the Castle in Austerlitz.

Exactly there, in the court of the Castle, your event can begin with the exhibition of soldiers dressed in period uniforms shooting off salvo only for you. Every participant will be decorated with honorary medal. Evening visit of the Castle and a walk through the neighboring parc draw on contemplation about what really happened here ...

Few minutes away from that place connected with history, the Golf grounds Austerlitz is situated. You can spend great time there in luxurious restaurant of the hotel Golf. Menu according to your wishes and mood, accommodation in the spacious apartments or rooms for two people. Through the windows, you have unforgettable view on 18-hole golf course. Of course, a try of that interesting sport under guidance of experienced instructors can also be part of your stay. During warm evenings, it is also possible to serve roasted leg prepared by the cook directly outside by the open fire. For small groups we recommend a specialty - cooked lobster and fresh oysters served with archive wine in privacy of the restaurant.

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